Life Coaching Services

How would you like to learn more about what you really want and how to achieve it?

Life coaching is about exploring specific challenges and questions that relate directly to your life. You may have been struggling with blockages in moving forward with a project, for example. Or perhaps you are not sure which career path to choose. Whatever the challenges you face, life coaching is a truly effective and enjoyable way to unblock your passage towards enhanced levels of freedom, joy and empowerment.

My commitment is to allow you to be authentic through the coaching and to explore what really matters to you by giving you time and space in the sessions to unpack your thoughts. You’ll become clearer about where you want to go in life and more motivated about getting there. I will be more than happy to encourage, support, listen and if required, advise in your quest by offering valuable insights.

For a relatively small fee you can get started very quickly at a mutually agreed location. Please feel free to contact for a FREE initial consultation by phone and we can take things from there.

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Michael Brooman Life Coach

Issues I work with

  • Performance issues at work and in your career.
  • Meaning and purpose in work and life.
  • Desire for adventure and challenge.
  • Communication issues with colleagues or partners.
  • Adaptation to new culture and environment
  • Non-native speakers of English

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